From Southern Records:

Distorted Pony's commencement is a simple one. In 1986, a guitar wielding David U. collaborated with bass maestra Dora Jahr to lend their vision to the sagging LA underground.

One year and three drummers later, technology supplied what millions of years of evolution could not, a drummer in the form of a machine. The following months saw the addition of Theodore Jackson's rattling trash-can banging and Robert Hammer's noise-laden guitar.

Several years later of honing their live skills led to the release of the band's first 7" (Piece of Minds Records) and their follow up 12" EP. "Work Makes Freedom" (Bomp! Records). The period between these two records was marked by Distorted Pony's renewed faith in man and led to the arrival of London Day (ex-Dag Nasty/ Samhain), a drummer made of flesh and blood.

In January 1992, the band recorded their first long player with the help of the affable Steve Albini. The following May saw the release of their wiredrawn "Punishment Room" LP (Bomp!) followed by an extensive tour of the US.

Distorted Pony began 1993 with a harrowing, blizzard driven tour of the West Coast. By July they were back in Chicagoland and recorded their new album, Instant Winner (Trance Syndicate) with the same frolicsome Mr. Albini at the helm.

From All Music Guide:

Guitarist David U. and bass-player Dora Jahr first played as Distorted Pony in 1986. They later added drummer Theodore Jackson and noise-guitarist Robert Hammer. Steve Albini recorded their two albums of angst-metal, Punishment (1992) and Instant Winner (1994). - John Bush